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 J Colville

I am enjoying looking through the daily reports and examining the mining reports, both current and historical.  I have opened a share trading account with the ASB, and thank you for the heads up on their service.
I have commenced trading, purchasing some of the stocks on your "Buy" recommendation list.  And in doing so, taking a leap of faith, as two of the stocks I purchased were on the ASB sell list!  It was also good to know that several of the stocks we already have in our portfolio are inclusions on your accumulate and hold lists.
So, in a nut shell, the site is easy to use, and so far, so good.  Thanks for following up!

 I Farmer

Just a heads up to say that I'm really finding the Fat Prophets recommendations working for me.. it's great to be able to positively enjoy trading again backed by solid advice.

S Woollett

I want to thank you for such a wonderful subscription service. I have memberships to Dr Marc Fabers GloomBoomDoom Report and various other world standard publications. Yours is right there at the top of the tree with these reports and is almost completely in sync with them. 

I Tanner

I just want to let you guys and the team know that I think you are producing an excellent and superior subscription newsletter. Your thinking and explanations are clear, concise and well written. Your research is thorough and this is especially demonstrated in the Fat Picture. Through my reading of the Financial Review, extra research via the E-Trade site and most importantly your newsletter I am cautiously confident. For me, being a small investor with a little over a $100,000 in superannuation (that I now directly control) your services well worth the yearly subscription rate. 

C Simpson

I have been a subscriber to your newsletter for one year now and I am very happy to report a 27.92% return for the twelve months. The highlight has been the gold sector with EMP & DIO both returning in excess of 108%. SED (84.21%), LSG (71.43%) and AOR (67.43) have also performed very well. Elsewhere in the market MCP (63.11%) and QBE (35.36%) have been winners. My superannuation portfolio established this time last year is sitting on a 77.14% return, thanks to your bullishness on gold. Thank you for your newsletter, and keep up the good work!!

L Lane

I've found the fat prophets publication to be an informative and unique investment tool. For anyone serious about share trading, I believe this should be an essential business investment in itself. The prophets clearly explain their recommendations whilst spelling out the importance of managing risk. I've found that not only is their stock selection criteria great at avoiding the "hype" sectors, it's brilliant at finding the hidden gems! Not only are the charts great at providing a visual presentation of upside potential, they're tremendously educational as well. A thoroughly recommended publication 

W Marshall

Well my wife says that I only buy advice that I agree with (I also get Ackermann from Denver and Saville from Hong Kong) but I must say that I agree with everything you are currently putting wholeheartedly and appreciate your clear and emphatic views. 

J Willner

Well done guys! Enjoyed your special issue and good on you for having the guts to list the duds (yup, I bought some) as well as the successes (bought some of those too). 

S Jay

I love receiving your weekly report. I find it very easy to follow and understand, and excellent recommendations. You have got one very happy customer here.

Matt V R 

Just wanted to drop you an email to say keep up the excellent work. I look forward to every week when the Fat Prophet report is released. Have only been trading and using your recommendations since May last year (8 months) and so far my portfolio has gone from strength to strength: Brazin BRZ up 64.17%, Orogen OML up 112%, Orica ORI up 81.88, Crane CRG up 12.33% and McPerson's MCP up 31.15% Television Media even Sadly the only one down is Southern Pacific SPP down 11.76%, but am positive that this one will be a goodie in a few years.

B Street 

Your newsletter has been the most educational one I have ever subscribed to. Perhaps you have done your job too well as I now make all my trading decisions using my own calculations. My methods are somewhat similar to yours and hence your publication helped me refine certain features of my trading plan. I am very grateful for your excellent service over the last year and wish your business the best of luck in the future.

M Windsor

Both very informative and easy to follow as well as giving great detail on each of the company's analysed.
Keep up the good work.

D Fisher

Fatprophets is both my liferaft of commonsense and beacon of wisdom in a sea of hysteria littered with morally rudderless spruikers.

H Knight

A very helpful combination of fundamental research and charting.
Kept us informed of the state of play during the European crisis.

J Rollo

First few weeks as a client but quite impressed with the perspicacity and quality of analysis so far sighted. Keep it up.

J Longville

Think your mining reports are fantastic, but I also suspect this is the sector you guys love the most. Haven't had a chance to judge the value for money aspect yet due to a slightlty unsettled market, but strongly suspect I'll be renewing my subscription.

S Hoey

Feedback to Angus: Well done for sticking to your convictions and holding your ground on the delivery of clear messages that you present each week. To many experts hedge their bets, when you listen to them, read their articles they often include the wheezle clause leaving the reader non the wiser. Stay strong no one expects you to get right all the time.

N T Hall

You have successfully guided me through a year of learning. I was a beginner at the start and I now have enough knowledge to steer me through some of the problems that just did not make sense. I have still a lot to learn and I will do so as time goes on. Thank you.

T Atkinson

I enjoy the weekly commentary and having the view of the local and world market place explained.