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Fat Prophets has been providing dedicated coverage of the resource sector since the launch of the Mining & Resources Report in 2005. Since that time, the resource space has continued to develop into a global behemoth with an increasing number of companies operating mines and developing projects across the globe.

With the large number of global resource companies available to investors, our Global Mining Report is designed to sort the “wheat from the chaff”.  With our extensive resource expertise, Fat Prophets has made it our absolute mission to seek out the best exposure to base metals, precious metals and energy companies from the global pool of resource companies.

Our Global Mining Report has a firm capital growth focus and utilises our on the ground knowledge of resource companies globally to present opportunities across both the majors and minnows of the resource markets.   

We also explain our thinking every day in our Daily note which is compiled by our founder and CEO Angus Geddes. In the daily email we provide an up to date assessment of the implications of current market moves and developments, on our investment outlook, top down view, and stock/sector selection strategies. We seek to break down all the ‘noise’ and provide our view on where markets are heading, and what it all means for you as an investor.

To generate superior returns, one must understand the inherent volatility in the global resources sector; an understanding that Fat Prophets has an expertise in. We would encourage you to take a look at our Global Mining Report.   

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