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Finding Research

Am I able to search for individual stocks?
Located in the top right hand corner of the Members Area is the Search Function. Here you can type in a stock name, stock ticker, Research Report number or descriptive text and the most relevant results will appear. The search results will appear in chronological order with the most recent research appearing first.

Am I able to print off Research Reports?
Yes, you are able to print off any Research report by clicking on the ‘Print’ button located directly above the Research Report

How do I get access to the most recent recommendations?
To access our latest weekly recommendations go to the home page of the Members Area and click on the main tiles (For example, the main tile for Australasian Equities) which will take you directly to the latest recommendations published.
You can also access the latest research by dropping down the left hand navigation bar or main tile drop down menu and click on Latest Weekly Report.

How can I get access to research report archive?
You can get access to past research by utilising the search function if you’re searching for a particular stock (all results past and present will show up) or you can navigate the Calender Archive that appears in the right hand column next to Research Reports

Is there a direct link to the ASX homepage, or business news websites?
There is no direct link to either the ASX homepage or business news websites on the Fat Prophets Members Area.

Can I get live share prices directly through the member’s area?
We do not publish live share prices in the Members Area. For such information please visit www.asx.com.au

Can I speak to an analyst regarding particular stocks?
We ask that you send such questions directly to members@fatprophets.com.au where they will respond as soon as possible. Please note than our analysts can only comment on stock covered in the report.

Technical Support

Am I able to access the member’s area from my smart phone or tablet?
The new Members Area is compatible for all our members to access our services through their smart phone or tablet.

If I have difficulties navigating this new site, who would be my best point of access?
If you are having any difficulties at all, please directly contact your Account Manager where they will be able to provide assistance.
You are also able to email members@fatprophet.com.au where we will respond to enquiries and problems as soon as possible

Are the products I am subscribing to changing in any way?
The fundamentals of each product will remain the same, with daily emails, weekly reports and the Friday FatWRAP still delivered straight to your inbox as we publish. The way this information is published and displayed on the website has been updated

I need to change the email address or password I have registered with Fat Prophets; can I do this through the website?
You are able to update all your personal details by navigating the left hand menu under ‘My Details’. Such information we urge you to remember and keep up to date including your email address, password and contact details.

Where am I able to access my tax invoice?
Your tax invoice can be accessed my clicking on ‘My Invoice’ in the left hand navigation menu under ‘My Details’

I am a current paid subscriber but am no longer receiving any Fat Prophets emails. Why is this?
If you have not received your emails, please go directly to www.fatprophets.com.au and log into the Members area entering you normal login details. You can access all information directly within the Members area irrespective of receiving our emails.
We would also suggest to check your spam setting and ensure your ISP or email providers are not blocking our emails, as this can happen to some of our members.
If problems persist, please email members@fatprophets.com.au where our support team will investigate further.

I am not sure when my membership will expire
When your membership has 45 days or less, you will be notified by an additional widget which will appear on your home page of the Members Area.


Were your questions answered? If not, please contact us today for help.

The Fat Prophets Team