• Equities Report
Value Investing / Stock Picking Strategies




Fundamentals of investing - why companies list, the forces that drive share prices.




Importance of Valuation - how do you value a business, and ensure a stock measures up? What is intrinsic value and how it is calculated.




Managing portfolio risk - systematic vs unsystematic risk, time value of money, how to put the odds more in your favour. 




Identifying excellent businesses - what to look for in assessing the quality of management, financial strength, market position, and sustainability of a business model.




Investing for yield - how dividends can boost your investment performance, and what to look for in assessing sustainability thereof.




Sector investing - what is the best way to balance this?




Top-down investing - why is this so important and how do we do it?




Contrarian investing - when is the time and place to go against the herd?




... and much more.

Technical Analysis / Timing the Market




Debunking the myth - what is technical analysis and how useful is it?




Chart types - which are the best to use for technical analysis?




Japanese Candlesticks - why are they so effective in predicting market direction?




Support and resistance - sounds easy, but many have no clue on how to interpret these concepts correctly. 




Strategy Analytics - which forecasting tools are most reliable




Timeframes - why it is essential to know the importance of these.




Putting theory to practice - not in your own time, but at the very workshop.




... and much more.

Putting it all together

Timing and Execution – so armed with this investment manual, when should you buy and sell. How is this all put into practice so that you consistently make money!!

Participants will also receive support for a period of 12 months post the courses through exclusive fortnightly webinars with our presenters, David Thang and Greg Smith. During these sessions there will be further follow up tuition and participants will be able to ask questions directly to our analysts

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