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The Global Funds report was launched in May 2015. Since inception Fat Prophets has concentrated predominantly on direct equities as the end investment decision, with the ultimate focus on discrete, individual companies. We also however recognise that the opportunity exists to implement our top down views through investment in collectives. A key differentiating feature of such a strategy is that it can permit an investor to diversify away individual company risk.

The objective of the Fat Prophets Global Funds product is to identify a set of high quality managed and exchange traded funds that are aligned with our thematic world view, and complement our direct equity investment options. The product is run as a theoretical portfolio of funds, along the lines of our other research products.

We are focused on risk adjusted returns, and aim to identify funds that will consistently outperform their peers and benchmarks over the medium term. Regular reviews are undertaken to ensure the funds introduced to the portfolio remain appropriate for ongoing investment.

We also explain our thinking every day in our Daily note which is compiled by our founder and CEO Angus Geddes. In the daily email we provide an up to date assessment of the implications of current market moves and developments, on our investment outlook, top down view, and stock/sector selection strategies. We seek to break down all the ‘noise’ and provide our view on where markets are heading, and what it all means for you as an investor.

If you are looking to add managed or exchange traded funds to your investment portfolio this report could be just for you.

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