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Client testimonials

Excellent website. Good in-depth analysis of substance. These daily fatchats are very scholarly and well informed- terrific reading. Excellent value subscription. - AG

Excellent, timely met the Goldilocks criteria: - not too long, not too short – GK

The report gives me the type of trending analysis I am looking for to complement my own research and views. I like the 'easy to read' style and the regularity and consistency in analysis. – MB

I have been trading for 50 years and find these reports accurate and independent – MC

I am very happy with the regularity and quality of your data and clear nature of your recommendations. The formats are easy to follow. All in all you provide me a very valuable service – RG

Very good and detailed technical evaluations are consistently presented. The charting is well done and useful. Only tendency is over-optimism; need to identify the risk issues a little more specifically. – JR