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Our Story
Fat Prophets was founded in Australia by Angus Geddes, Chief Executive Officer Headquarters in Sydney, Australia
Employees 2

Flagship Fat Prophets Australasian research commences
Subscribers exceed 1,000 for first time

Greg Smith UK Managing Director joins
Patrick Ganley, Chief Operating Officer joins
Fat Prophets Mining launches
Subscribers exceed 2000
Employees 5

UK office opens at Fleet Street, London – Greg Smith appointed managing director
Subscribers exceed 3000
Employees 7

UK Equities research launched
Subscribers exceed 5000
Employees 9

Fat Prophets Funds Management Ltd launches with a $33m float of on the ASX
Subscribers exceed 6500
Employees 18

Australasian Investment Review (AIR) an online business magazine launched in Australia
US website launched
Subscribers exceed 10,000 for the first time
Funds under management & advice $50m
Employees 25

Euro Mining research commences
Separately Managed Accounts funds management business launched
Company reorganised and restructured into one holding company, Fat Prophets Pty Ltd
50% of Marcus Today acquired
Subscribers exceed 15,000 for the first time
Funds under management & advice exceed $70m
Employees 30

US office opens
Global Trading report commences
Funds under manageemnt & advice exceed $85m
Employees 35

UK Funds Management opens doors
Funds under management & advice exceed $100m
Employees 40

British Investment Digest (BID) online business magazine launches
Subscribers exceed 16,000 for the first time
Funds under management & advice exceed $150m
Employees 50

Wealth Management launches in Australia
Managed Discretionary Accounts offered for the first time on Australian equities
AFSL License varied and stockbroking service launched in Australia
Fat Prophets website rebranded
Research office opened in Jakarta, Indonesia
Subscribers exceed 17,000
Funds under management & advice exceed $250m
Employees 65

Office opened in Auckland, New Zealand
The 'Daily Fat Chat' email launched
Weekly Fat Wrap launched
Income Portfolio initiated by Australian research team
Subscribers exceed 18,000
Employees 65

Global Opportunities Model launched by wealth management in Australia
Fat Prophets Member area upgraded
Subscribers exceed 20,000
Income Portfolio initiated by UK research team
Employees 70

Weekly research webinars introduced for Australasian and UK Members
Wealth Management offering launched in New Zealand
Subscribers exceed 22,000
Employees 70

Fat Prophets Global Funds product launched
Fat Prophets Asia research product launched
  Global Mining product created with the merger of Australasian and European Mining
Subscribers exceed 25,000
Employees 75
Super Prophets investment platform launched