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Mission & Philosophy

Our mission is to make your investments as FAT as possible.

The Fat Prophets team has developed a unique method of stock selection that has benefited our Members in every kind of market. Here is a quick look at how we identify and select the best opportunities:

- Will this sector outperform?
We identify sectors that are set to prosper from underlying economic conditions.

Contrarian Perspective
- Where is the crowd not investing?
Where others see doom and gloom, we search for opportunities. Having the confidence to look for the winners of tomorrow allows us to stay ahead of the market.

Fundamental Value Analysis
- Is this company the best exposure?
We don't just search for cheap stocks. We search for cheap companies with excellent management, outstanding assets and sustainable competitive advantages to bring our members quality investment ideas.

Technical Analysis
- Is this the right time to be buying?
In making recommendations we use technical analysis to sharpen our timing. This helps our members minimise downside risk while maximising the upside. In short, we like to invest with the trend.

Other analysts tend to use either fundamental or technical analysis to recommend stocks. At Fat Prophets, we have found that two disciplines are better than one in helping us to recommend the best value shares at the best possible price.

How To Become An Exclusive Fat Prophets Member

By now, you’re probably curious as to how you will benefit as a Fat Prophets Member and how to get exclusive access to the names of ALL our current buy recommendations. 

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